Massage by Wendell
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I am a graduate of the Body Electric School (CMT), the San Francisco School of Massage (Shiatsu), and have also taken classes at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs. These studies have amplified my natural healing ability and allow me to provide a variety of services to my clients.

I am on a path of conscious spiritual growth, and feel that offering healing is beneficial for both myself and my clients. By continuing to expand my own horizons, I can continue to offer new insights and new levels of healing and growth.


"Sensitive touch, deep pressure, great presence, what a pleasure!" --Chester Mainard

"Wendell provides innate skills and a very compassionate heart. This allows him to listen attentively and be really present with me. His caring energy flows through his heart and his hands." --Keith Schrag

"Thanx so much for a massage to remember! All I like in massage -- a great guy, great place, great rate, great rub, great location -- you provide ... and with an amiable panache. I definitely want to see and feel you again soon!" --Robert Dobbs

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