Massage by Wendell
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Energy Work

I have a natural ability to channel energy and help clear psychic and karmic blocks within the energetic system of my client. I open myself up as a channel for universal healing energy in a way similar to reiki. Through a highly-developed intuition, I can help identify the deep emotional and mental causes behind disease, and assist you in bringing them back into balance. This is gentle and subtle work, but often has profound and long-lasting results.

Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic bodywork has an ability to soothe, relax and heal at a profoundly deep level. Being held and supported lovingly in a body-temperature warm pool of water and gently floated and stretched is an experience like no other. The gentle stretches (most based on shiatsu) open the body and energize the body's meridians, while the soft motion of the water allows a deep healing trance state. In conjunction with allowing the body to relax more deeply than is possible on land, this is a wonderful way to access early memories and heal deep emotional wounds.

There are four pools available to me. All are great in their own ways, and all have disadvantages. I am still looking for available warm pools in San Francisco, and would be very happy to know of any in the area.

Swedish/Esalen Style Massage

Swedish massage is the most well-known type of massage. Traditionally it is done with oils or lotions and long, sweeping strokes accross the body. Swedish massage is excellent for circulation, relaxation of tense muscles, and assisting the body to release stored toxins. I offer a non-sexual therapeutic massage only.

Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a bodywork style that originates in Japan, and is considered to be part of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a part of this tradition, emphasis is given to restoring balance to the energetic system of the body. The lines of energy worked in shiatsu are the same as the lines that are worked in accupuncture or accupressure. There are several styles of shiatsu, from quite intense, painful, and tonifying to gentle and relaxing. Zen Shiatsu is a gentle style that should never cause pain, and works the entire body in a sequence that balances and relaxes the body and mind bringing health and peace. Shiatsu is traditionally done on a padded mat on the floor, but can also be adapted to being done on a table. Traditionally, clients wear loose-fitting clothes throughout the session. I am comfortable working on the floor or on the table, but prefer floor work for outcalls.

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